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Insurance Planning

Managing and Mitigating Risks With Insurance Products

When it comes to wealth management, growing assets is one part of the picture. The future is full of uncertainties, including circumstances that could threaten your wealth. Risks associated with health, death, and increased life expectancy can work against all your hard work. Insurance is a common approach to mitigating risk. At Luongo Wealth Management, we believe that a comprehensive approach to financial planning also includes insurance planning and finding the best products to manage exposures that may threaten your financial future.

Exploring Insurance

Knowing what the future holds isn’t always possible, but you can be prepared with coverages that provide for you and the ones you leave behind:

  • Life Insurance - Coverage for existing liabilities and providing for your loved ones after your death
  • Disability Insurance - Coverage for lost income due to disability
  • Long-Term Care Insurance - Coverage for various healthcare services and products

With careful planning backed by knowledge and experience, we can help you find the right products that work best for you and your situation.

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to money and long-term plans. At Luongo Wealth Management, your priorities are ours.

Getting Started

Future uncertainties and end-of-life expenses can severely impact your assets. Protect your wealth with insurance planning that covers these uncertainties. Contact us today to schedule an insurance review.

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